Design is the main core of X-Gene, it also represents our spirit to pursue the perfect & to take on challenges, hoping to provide our design to create much more value than expected for our customer.

Our company philosophy which's developed in 3 stages as below:

From Idea to Reality
        The initial motive of X-Gene, we have the strong passion to shape the future and transforms the ideas into reality, starting from the customer's perspective, as the only independent automotive design studio in Taiwan and the pioneer of Chinese car-design studio in China. 

Technology of Art
        Car design is the fusion of Art & Technology, not only the handcraft of art, but also the precision of technology. In order to upgrade into full function car design service company, X-Gene, linked digital design together with the facility of 5-axis full-size milling machine since year 2005,  provides high quality design service through professional & flexible process.

Design Create Value
        Embedded with automotive design capability and domain know-how to support international car-maker companies, to increase perceived value through innovation and professional process, & to provide tailor-made services. X-Gene, as a part of global design-service chain, intend to be a total solution provider in the new era of mobility.